Meet the Halladay Lab:



Lindsay earned her B.A. in Psychology from Cal State San Bernardino, where she first started working with neural circuits in the developing basal ganglia. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from UCLA while working in Tad Blair's lab. Her graduate work investigated the role of neural circuitry underlying defensive action selection. Lindsay then spent four years in metro DC working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Andrew Holmes's lab at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Her primary research there examined neural circuitry underlying compulsive alcohol-seeking. Lindsay joined the Psychology Department at Santa Clara Univeristy in the fall of 2017 and received tenure in the spring of 2023.  Broadly speaking, the Halladay lab investigates the neural intersection between reward and aversion. Current research projects aim to identify specific neural circuits mediating allostatic mechanisms related to stress- and/or alcohol-induced behaviors.

Meet the Team

Sriparna Majumdar, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Janet Roquillo, '23

De Novo Fellow 2021

DeNardo Science Scholar 2022

Kerri Lyons, '23

REAL Fellow 2021

De Novo Fellow 2022

Linnea Rothi, '23

DeNardo Science Scholar 2021-23

Michael Nguyen, '24

De Novo Fellow 2021

Goldwater Scholarship Awardee 2022

ALZA Science Scholar 2023-24

Jennifer Nguyen, B.S.

Matthew Nguyen, B.S.

Varya Zlotnik, '24

APA SUPER Fellow 2023

Osberg Fellow 2023

Kevin Shimizu, '25

REAL Fellow 2023

Sean Do, '26

REAL Fellow 2023

Lab Alumni

Jocelyn Yang '24, REAL Fellow 2022

Danny Bui-Tu '22, De Novo Fellow 2021

Avery Curet '22,  De Novo Fellow, 2021

Natalie Rovero '21, DeNardo Senior Prize 2021, REAL fellow 2019

Alex Quan '21, REAL fellow 2019

Max Bjorni '21, DeNardo Science Scholar 2019-21, Barry Goldwater Scholar 2020

Noel Del Toro '21, De Novo Fellow 2019

Bryce Rosellini '21

Hannah Henderson '20,  DeNovo Fellow 2019

Elissa Yang '20

Tasneem Sadok '20

Malia Belnap '19, DeNardo Science Scholar 2018-19

Randi Emmons '19

(L to R); Jocelyn Yang, Avery Curet, Michael Nguyen, Lindsay Halladay, Janet Ronquillo, Kerri Lyons, Linnea Rothi, Danny Bui-Tu